I’m Andi Wahle.
As an artist I do research on beautiful things.

Things that could be gone soon or have never existed before. I often try to combine objects placing them in constrasting surroundings to generate new contexts in my art. Then, it’s you who brings a mixture of experiences and expectations attempting to answer your and my questions. However, I want you to realise that it’s okay not to find an answer for everything. There is a spectrum for interpretation that I do not want to limit, either by what is shown in my images or what the viewer anticipates. ­Through reflecting on what questions you ask, you will preferably learn a lot about yourself.

Please contact me for inquiries concerning prints or originals that you would like to purchase or for any further information. I am also always interested in exhibiting, publishing or showing the work I do in any kind. So feel free to contact if I fit the project or event that you’re planning.

My works vary in media;
analogue and digital;
adjustable in size, if digital;
several ready for large format printing.

Contact me

Andi Wahle

+49 (0) 176 9999 2459
info (aaat) andiwahle.com

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